In this section you will find the information about this investment resource. If you have more questions, please, contact customer service.

General questions

Where does the company get income from?
We get income on low risks cryptocurrency trading; as for transactions we find arbitrage cases on different markets. The company's and investors' financial assets are effectively diversified and we provide our customers consistent payment for deposits.
Who can be an investor of the project?
You do not need to have skills and experience to be in the project. As partners get unearned income, there is no need to be professional traders.
Are there any risks when an investor joins the project?
Any investments are supposed to have risks, no matter whether you or experts manage financial assets. If you work with the company, then non-trading risks are excluded. Unfortunately, we can not influence on market environment, political situation in the world and other factors which specifically or by implication can cause your financial assets loss.

Technical questions

How can I be a project member?
You need to make a personal account on the website to be the company's investor. The registry is free and available for national adults in the country of residence.
Can I have more than one account?
Multiple accounts are forbidden by the project rules and regulations. If there are multiple registries from one person that has the affiliate link, your account and financial assets will be blocked without any chance to restore access.
Is it safe to provide personal information upon the registration?
You do not give personal data upon the registration. We respect investor's privacy and do not violate it. You keep anonymity. No verification needed. Moreover, we have current encryption methods that provide data safety.
Can the website be hacked?
Company's website is protected from DDoS-attacks and cracks. Any attempts to make the website broken will be failed. You can use the investment resource without crashes. Its work will be correct.
I forgot the password. What should I do?
You can restore the password, using the password recovery blank on the authorization page.
I did not get transferred financial assets on a 'purse' within time limits. What should I do?
Perhaps, you entered incorrect payment details for financial assets withdrawal. Please, make sure you entered payment details correct. If the problem is still unsolved, please contact customer service and in the nearest time your problem will be solved.

Financial questions

How can I make a deposit?
Sign in and choose a tariff that suits you. After that make a deposit on your account, using optioned payment system.
When will a deposit arrive to my account?
A deposit will be available all at once.
Can I add extra financial assets to the current deposit?
No, you can not do this. You can make another deposit.
How much profit will I get if I am a project member?
You can get the information in the section about Investment conditions and potential gain on the website.
Does income arrive on my 'purse' via an EFT?
No. Financial assets arrive to your balance account and after your request they are transferred to the 'purse'.
How often can I request a financial assets withdrawal?
You have no limits. You can withdraw financial assets when you have no zero- balance.
Is there any charge for financial transaction?
The project does not charge for making deposits or withdrawal of financial assets. Please, consider a charge from payment systems.
If I change my mind, can I withdraw a deposit earlier than expected?
Right after investment, financial assets are received to the General Fund of the project. It is used for trading on exchanges. Your deposit works to get income, so we can not withdraw it from the system and return it back before the tariff will be expired. Please, consider this information and make a correct decision about the project before you invest.
After I make a withdrawal request, when will the funds be available on my ecurrency account?
Funds are usually available within 72 hours.

Affiliate program

Why do I need affiliate program?
We are interested in engagement of a huge amount of investors to let them know about our project. We encourage you to pay interest by involving new members' deposits.
How can I attract new members to the project?
Every registered investor is given an individual link for referals invitation. You can post it on your website, page on social media, offer it to your friends and people you know. Besides that, on your personal account you can find promotional material for investors engagement. So a partner structure will be made.
Is it necessarily to have my own deposit to participate in affiliate program?
No, it is not. You can use affiliate program as the possibility to get profit without investments.
How can I manage financial assets, given me within affiliate program?
You can manage income, made from engaged financial assets to the project, on your own - recharge balance of the 'purse' or invest the project and get an extra profit.
What are the ways of partners engagement?
We do not restrict you in the ways of referals engagement. You can use social media, your website, offline promotion. At the same time we are against spam and recommend you to avoid this way to promote information about the company.